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Bergolin’s certified coating systems protect rotor blades of wind turbine power plants from environmental influences



The wind power is further advancing. The wind power plants equipped with great rotor blades do not produce energy only on the countryside but meanwhile also in offshore regions on an environmentally friendly way. The plants are exposed to extremely many and at the same time extreme ecological damages - particularly in this offshore field. Among other things hail, rain and sand also are part of it besides the UV light. Those can impair the operation of the plants as well as their utilization time strongly.

Operators and manufacturers of wind power plants should therefore take up measures to protect them from damaging environmental influences effectively. By doing so this is only possible by use of high-quality protection coatings to ensure a wind power plant a trouble-free operation and the utilization time calculated. As a technology leader in the field of the rotor blade coatings Bergolin has comprehensive competence, long-standing experience and a highly specialized delivery program.

In cooperation with the DEWI-OCC Cuxhaven, for the first time an innovative coating system of Bergolin based on the technical specifications, the current quality and environmental standards as well as the new technological manufacturing method became now certified for the use on rotor blades of wind energy converters in the on- and offshore fields. Manufacturers of rotor blades can therefore go back to coating products certified correspondingly in the area of the finish materials, too.

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