From one great idea to another.

From one great idea to another.

The enormous potential of our expertise, combined with the wide variety of products we offer under one roof has resulted in one of our greatest strenghts: Interdisciplinary work with a permanent exchange of information and ideas. Close cooperation allows every business division to profit from the innovative power of the other divisions and contributes to more new ideas and solutions approaches.

What is more, valuable synergistic effects arise from the mutual dialogue between processing companies and plant manufactures, which in turn provide valuable insights into meeting the challenges of tomorrow.


Our customers can only benefit from this transfer of knowledge. This is because we create individually customised products based on our customers´ wishes and the respective requirements specifications.  Our products set international standards both with regard to quality and cost-effectiveness as well as ecological concerns. The starting point for every project is the creation of a precisely defined set of requirements, which in turn serves as the basis for work for the respective development department.


From this point on the process of development is documented internally, allowing all laboratories to stay abreast of the current status of the project and - whenever opportunities present themselves - to contribute additional expertise from their product division.


When it comes to service, our customers do not settle for compromises. Because we do not make any.

When you work with Bergolin, you can be confident that you are placing your trust in a true partnership right from the start. Even before we begin developing a new product, we are available to our customers to define the specific requirements, from substrate materials to processing to strain and stress.

With the right decisions and ideas during the preliminary phase it is usually possible to achieve optimum solutions more quickly and precisely. Once the product has successfully passed all tests, we begin production: Our production isjust as economical and reliable for small quantities as it is for large orders. Delivery is always on schedule and completely accurate. For us, it goes without saying, that each customer is given a personal conatct who provides information throughout every phase of their project - from development to production to on-site delivery. After all, success is built on trust.