Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance - this not only describes the superb look and feel of our coatings, always reflecting new trends in colour and décor, but also their uncomplicated processing and consistent quality.

PUR coatings


Bergolin coatings in this category are characterized by their high durability, good filing characteristics and uncomplicated processing. Our complete systems are suitable for the widest variety of applications and for coating all common woods, wood veneers and derived timber products such as MDF.

Water-thinnable systems

Bergolin water-thinnable systems have achieved an extraordinary level of development. Today‘s recipes feature a superior look, as well as enhancing the appearance and feel of the wood and are comparable to anything that pure solvent lacquers can offer. At the same time they meet the requirements for an environmentally friendly VOC balance.

The recipes also have the advantage that they are perfectly matched to each other. It does not matter whether a 1- or 2-component system is used, whether the paints are cured through oxidatation or with UV or whether a spray or roller application is employed.

The coatings form a consistent look and can, despite different manufacturing processes, be perfectly combined with each other without any complex shading or staining.

The general advantages include ease of application and the rapid further processing and drying times. In addition, the surfaces produced have a very matt appearance and a more elegant feel.

UV coatings

UV-cured coating systems are your first choice wherever extremely short cycle times are required and rational processing is a must. We are also active in this area, developing products and system solutions that meet the demands of the international wood furniture industry in every respect. We offer complete solutions for cabinet production in combination with water-based primers and print processes. UV-cured coatings for transparent and pigmented surfaces already fulfil the demand for even greater environmental compatibility as early as the processing phase. They comply with the VOC standard, impress with good surface and wear properties, and can be processed using the widest range of application methods.

Hydro UV coatings

Bergolin’s hydro-UV coatings combine the advantages of aqueous systems and UV coatings. They are environmentally friendly, fast in processing and are no way inferior to the properties of PU coatings. In both mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as in terms of appearance and feel, these systems are of excellent quality. For coating solid wood and veneer, a very high brilliance and good intensification of the wood is achieved. So, as a rule coloring and stain can be ruled out.

Particularly popular are the qualities that reflect the current trend towards very deep resistant matte surfaces.


Perfect surfaces and bright economic prospects.

Bergolin coating systems for the wood furniture industry meet all quality and production demands. High-quality and hard-wearing surfaces, special design concepts and modern colour and style trends. Fast, economical processing and dependable adherence to quality and safety standards. Coating systems for industrial furniture production have to fulfil a wide variety of extremely high demands. We apply our experience, our expertise and an extensive range of innovative products to develop coatings that meet all of these demands in the best possible way. Close cooperation with our customers right from the start and during every project stage ensures that the system solutions from Bergolin are always precisely adapted to the application and production processes in use. We are more than just a partner to provide production and technology solutions. We also provide customers with ideas and concepts. In the past, this creative dialogue has led to more than a few solutions approaches that combine economy and excellent results in a pioneering way.