Naturally Strong

Naturally Strong

Naturally Strong - an apt description for the properties of Bergolin corrosion protection systems. They are very resilient so they remain intact even when subjected to high loads under different weather conditions.

PUR system

For the coating of rotor blades we use polyurethane coatings in particular. Our years of experience and continuous development have enabled us to perfect this system, meaning you can benefit from many advantages:

  • Enormous durability, regardless of weather and temperature
  • Operating periods of around 20 years
  • Low environmental impact
  • Extremely easy processing and optimal results

Coatings for rotor blades

The rotor blade coatings of Bergolin are very resilient. Rain, snow, UV radiation and strong temperature fluctuations are just some of the stresses where our coating systems have proven their effectiveness for over 15 years, both onshore and offshore.

Thanks to our specialisation in rotor blade coatings, we have become a technology leader in this segment and our many years of experience means we have an extensive expertise.

Our highly specialised product range covers all areas of rotor blade coatings. All our products, from gelcoat to topcoat, are precisely matched to the needs of our customers and meet the highest international quality and environmental standards.

Repair system for rotor blades

Bergolin rotor blade coatings are extremely durable and therefore easily reach operating periods of around 20 years. Nevertheless, erosion, abrasion during operation, lightning strikes or transport damage may occur. For such cases we have an efficient coating system that offers easy and safe processing and gives a fresh appearance and durability.

Our products are designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and authorised wholesalers that offer qualified advice.

Leading edge protection

Rotor blades consist of two shells which are precisely bonded to the blade edge by an adhesive seam. This sensitive area is the most vulnerable to erosion, and so special attention must be paid to its protection. Until a few years ago, just a so-called erosion protection film was bonded to the leading edge. However this was very difficult to handle and could not be repaired if it became damaged.

To solve this problem, Bergolin developed a special edge protection which is now the leader in the market. Application is easy and safe; it is repairable and extremely durable.

Naturally strong in any weather. Bergolin Coatings for Wind Power Stations.

Bergolin coating systems for the wind power industry guarantee optimum performance under the toughest conditions. Rain and snow, the ice-cold north wind, scorching desert winds and, on top of that, extreme UV exposure – wind power stations are exposed to a large number of both different and extreme environmental conditions. Here, only exceptionally dependable solutions can offer lasting protection. As a leader in the field of rotor blade coating technology we have the extensive expertise, the years of experience and a highly-specialized product range to meet today’s demands for coating all types of surfaces on wind power stations. With this background, our customers profit from surface coating systems precisely adapted to meet their demands and processing methods. From pore putty to the top coat, from primer to the concrete coating – our products meet today’s highest international quality and environmental standards. And, of course, we also offer our expertise in process and station optimization within the scope of cooperative project management.