Simply Resistant

Simply Resistant

Simply Resistant - an apt description for the properties of Bergolin corrosion protection systems. They protect the steel surfaces and structures that face a range of different environmental loads and not only prevent any impairment of functionality and safety, but even economic losses as well.

Tank coatings

There are large differences between the requirements for interior and exterior tank coatings.

For interior tank coatings in particular, resistance to chemicals is of the utmost importance. However, electrical conductivity to avoid explosive reactions or physiological safety also plays an important role.

Exterior tank coatings are likewise exposed to various stresses. In earthen covered gas tanks in particular the resistance to root formation, microbial degradation and cathodic corrosion is of important significance. On the other hand, stresses on aboveground tanks are heavily dependent upon weather conditions such as rain, frost and UV radiation.

The solvent-free Bergolin tank coating systems provide the optimal solution for both applications. They can even be applied without primer and are impressively easy to process and possess high layer thicknesses up to 1000 microns in one operation (airless).

By resistance to chemicals, weather conditions, UV radiation as well as the natural expansion and contraction, our coatings are virtually maintenance free. However, should any mechanical damage occur, we have a powerful repair system.

The quality of the coating system was tested and approved by various institutions. These include the Water Technology Center (TZW) and the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). In order to cover all areas of application, some coatings also feature a food approval.

Biogas plants

Digesters are permanently exposed to highly aggressive media such as liquid manure, slurry and silage liquor. The maintenance of the internal coating is therefore of central importance.

With Steopox 258 JGS you have a tar and solvent-free coating system, which impresses with both its superior resistance and its very simple processing. This system is also approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for reinforced concrete.

Concrete adhesive

Bergolin‘s concrete adhesive is used for durable adhesion on concrete surfaces.

These include interior and exterior concrete surfaces, the cementing and bonding of joints, concrete walls, PVC pipes and prefabricated concrete components.

The concrete adhesive is extremely mechanically and chemically resistant and thus able to withstand heavy loads.

Hydraulic steel structures

Abrasion resistance, suitability in conjunction with cathodic protection systems, construction geometry and environmental conditions are of particular importance to corrosion protection in hydraulic steel structures in particular.

Coprenal 242 and Coprenal 242 OS are tar and solvent-free coating systems with high chemical and mechanical resistance and are therefore particularly well suited for heavy-duty steel and concrete surfaces.

The versatility of these products is demonstrated by the numerous areas of application in which they are already in use. These include weirs, pressure pipes, locks, sheet piling and cathodic protection systems.

Due to the enormous longevity of these coating systems both time and cost-savings can be achieved and thus taken into account for the desire for profitability.

Coprenal 242 and Coprenal 242 OS were also tested in depth in Karlsruhe and approved by the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW).


Industrial and commercial flooring

Bergolin offers floor coatings for numerous applications. These are used, among other things, in storage and sales rooms, water treatment plants, garages, hangars, power plants, hospitals and the auto industry.

Sometimes major differences arise in the requirements through the various applications. In addition to mechanical resistance, many modern industrial floors must have, among others, chemical resistance, electrostatic conductivity, slip resistance and decontaminability. Additionally, in certain areas high standards of hygiene and shelf life of food may be provided.

In addition to the functional properties of an industrial floor, color design possibilities are also required, for example, for the implementation of individual design requirements or safety-related markings in many areas.

Bergolin’s reactive resin systems based on epoxy resin and polyurethane meet these requirements optimally - as a primer, sealant and coating.

Wear protection

Our solvent-free coating systems for wear protection are tough, flexible, highly abrasion resistant and mechanically extremely loadable and are characterized mainly by a quick and easy cure.

Since these systems provide an extremely long service life and reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, they are used, among other things, for the wear-resistant coating of hopper cars and surfaces in contact with crushed stone.

Protective Coatings for strong surfaces.

Corrosion protection systems from Bergolin provide perfect protection for steel and other metal surfaces. Steel surfaces and structures are exposed to various stresses and strains, which can impact not only functionality and safety but can also have economic consequences. Coating systems from Bergolin effectively protect steel and other metals against mechanical and chemical impacts as well as extreme temperature influences and UV radiation. Steel and bridge structures, pipelines, tanks, containers and industrial installations are just a few examples. The corrosion protection programme from Bergolin comprises alkyd, epoxy resin and polyurethane-based products. As with all products from Bergolin our corrosion protection systems are adapted precisely to meet the customer requirements and usage conditions, guaranteeing safe and economic processing that is suitable for the site.