Shapely Functional

Shapely Functional

Shapely Functional - this not only describes versatile functionality of our coatings, but also their superb look and feel, helping to give your products an exceptionally high-quality appearance.

General industry

Bergolin general industrial coatings are not just designed for a particular application, but are universal. This means that the coatings offer a consistent quality with different boundary conditions ? such as with various metallic substrates or application types.

Alongside the look and feel, this affects the constant functionality, too. For example, this means that production processes can be adjusted without risking any negative consequences to corrosion protection or chemical resistance.

Speciality coatings

Bergolin special coatings have the same properties as general industrial paints.  They are tremendously chemically and mechanically resistant and have excellent corrosion protection characteristics. In addition, however, they also meet the requirements of specific tasks.

The automotive sector is the best example here. Functional parts such as wheels or shock absorbers are subject to extreme chemical and mechanical loads, so the coating must have a resistance that goes far beyond normal.

The requirements for production processes can also be optimally adjusted using special coatings. What type of application you are using it for or the drying and storage conditions play a minor role as the coatings are tailored to your individual requirements.

Function in its best form.

Industrial coatings from Bergolin are exceptionally impressive in their combination of function, appearance and environmentally compatible quality. The largest variety of materials, the widest range of use together with numerous application methods represent a complex catalogue of requirements on modern systems for surface coating. Our many years of experience, the highest level of expertise for today’s demands and a wide spectrum of innovative, high-performance coating systems make Bergolin the perfect partner for all areas from construction equipment and plant construction to building protection to paper and foil finishing. In close cooperation with both customers and manufacturers of application systems, we develop coating systems that perfectly align safety and economy in processing to produce impressive, environmentally compatible results. This success is based on our high-quality industrial coatings.