Ready to meet the highest demands

Ready to meet the highest demands


As diverse as our products are, they all have one thing in common: They are adapted to fully meet your application requirements and can be modified according to your processes if necessary. You can depend on our in-depth, on-site technical consultation; our powerful an highly motivated team is here to help you!

Wind Power Coatings

  • Rotor blade coatings
  • Edge protection
  • Repair systems

Industrial Coatings

  • Vehicle components
  • Vehicle interior
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Construction and rural machines
  • Doors and gates

Protective Coatings

  • Interior tank coatings
  • Exterior tank coatings
  • Biogas systems
  • Concrete adhesives
  • Hydraulic steel structures
  • Industrial flooring
  • Gravel-contact surfaces
  • Hopper cars

Wood Coatings

  • Furniture coatings
  • Tile coatings
  • Parquet coatings

Bergolin products protect, enhance, shape and preserve

From exclusiv automobiles to modern wind power stations, from high-quality floor coverings to elegant, top-of-the-line furniture, from fine paper to bridge structures to segoing vessels - Bergolin offers industrial users innovative, environmentally sound solutions from a single source. Even under the thoughest conditions, our coatings meet the highest demands in every field of application - for example, in their restistance to weather, light and chalking stability, corrosion protection, thermal stability, paint adhesion, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and practical processing.